Information about the accommodation

As informed in the registration form, the organizers won’t be providing accommodation for this years Baltic Open. However we can help you with getting the accommodation for your team.

Camping at the track

Camping at the track is possible but should be informed beforehand. Multiple points of electricity is available in the camping area for RVs etc. Parking space for accommodation use is good but can’t hold personal 22m motorhome for everyone. However there is also good space to set up tents. Track/camping area gates will be closed for night but everyone is responsible for taking care of their belongings.

Staying in a hotel

If you wish to have bit more luxury such as warmth and bed there is the option to stay in a hotel. There are some local hotels and many more options if you are willing to travel closer to Helsinki or Espoo.

Closest hotel to track:

Air Hotel Nummela

~6km from the track, near Nummela centrum.

We have gotten a discount from Air Hotel Nummela near the track. Prices for BO21-participants are 70€ per night for single room and 80€ per night for room of two. Prices include breakfast.

If you need assistance with arranging the accommodation or have any questions feel free to contact us in Discord or via e-mail.

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